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Wood and leather art
Wood and leather product listing
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All of the wood products are made of native woods 
-  cut, dried, and finished by Wade.

Fine wood creations

* Cutting boards
* Rolling pins
* Frames
* Pen & pencil sets
* Handcrafted Boxes
* Furniture

Leather creations

* Leather topped boxes
* Leather art
* Portfolios

We make custom furniture, frames, jewelry boxes, state (shaped) cutting boards,
pamphlet and business card holders, nativities, plaques, church crosses, etc. -
all from Chase County woods that Wade has cut, dried, planed and crafted.
We specialize in hardwoods of oak, walnut, ash, coffee bean, hedge, and locust.
We also craft products from aromatic red cedar. Please email with questions
or for quotes - or follow the 'contact us' link for other options.